Front Walkers

9:10 AM Saturday morning

Front Runners New York also supports recreational walkers, runners that are taking it easy and injured runners walking their way back to health. Anyone interested in walking in Central Park with the club should meet at 9:10 AM Saturday morning at the Daniel Webster Statue. By meeting earlier than the fun run, this allows walkers to complete a 6 mile loop (if so desired) at the same time as the runners.

Argus Galindo and Rich Tesler are the coordinators for the walkers and can be reached at It is alright to arrive at the same time as the runners at 10:00 AM. A few members sometimes walk the lower 1.7 mile loop of Central Park twice for a refreshing 3.4 mile walk.

If you're planning to join the FRNY walkers on a particular Saturday, please email Argus and Rich to let them know you are coming.