Activities & Committees

Featured committees


Organize the annual Variety Hour. Coordinate monthly social activities and post-race social events. Serve on the committee, contribute ideas, or lend a hand at an event or the Variety Hour (or consider performing).


Maintain an archive of Club materials and add to it. Promote in the Front Runner Gram with the weekly Throwback Thursday.


Serve as race director (appointed in September each year for next year’s race). Serve on the committee to help liaise with NYRR on race logistics, market the race, obtain and support sponsors and donors.

Beginners Clinic

A 10 - 12 week program organized each spring to prepare new or returning runners for their first big 5-mile race, the LGBT Pride Run. Volunteer to coordinate the committee, coach a workout(s), or join the participants on their Saturday workout runs for support and camaraderie.

Brooklyn Committee

Help with Brooklyn LGBTQ+ Pride 5K race. Organize Brooklyn-based socials, Tuesday and Thursday morning Fun Runs, typically in Prospect Park, send weekly newsletters, administer the Club’s Brooklyn Facebook group. Volunteer to serve on the committee, or rotate in to bag-watch for a Fun Run.


The Club holds Tuesday and Thursday weekly coached workouts (Central Park, outdoor or indoor track), and an accompanying email newsletter. Serve on the committee to oversee the coach, recruit assistant coaches, administer the Half Marathon & Marathon Training Facebook group, and organize or speak at occasional training and racing informational sessions. Volunteer as an assistant coach or rotate into bag watch.


This committee helps to maintain the website, manages digital assets (photos or graphics), designs graphics, assists the president with drafting and reviewing text for public and Club communications, and manages the Club’s external social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram. Donate your communications-, web-, or designing- skills to the Club.

Cross-Country Meet

An annual fall cross-country 5K in Van Corlandt Park. Serve as race director, on planning committee, or lend a helping-hand the day of the race.

Finance Committee

Review the Club’s monthly expenditures, help select an annual accountant, assist with filing required state and federal tax forms. Consists of one Club member, one board member other than the president, and assisted by the treasurer.


Help to raise funds for scholarships by organizing the Drag Royale event. For quadrennial Gay Games, select, order, and distribute team uniform pieces. Provide informational guidance to members on Gay Games participation, including registration, events, scheduling, travel, and accommodations. Organize a group outing at the host city.

Governance Committee

Assist the board with interpreting Bylaws and Club policies. Typically a five-person committee of former board members and/or attorneys, serving for the calendar year.


Most marathon and half marathon training programs call for weekly long runs. On most Sundays throughout the year, Long Run coordinators organize a mapped, group long run from a Club member’s home of 3 distances — typically ranging from 10 - 20 miles, depending on participants’ training schedules. Volunteer to be a coordinator or sign up to host a run.


Maintain the membership directory and database - providing updates & access on member lists and levels to committees as needed. Organize and deploy the annual renewal drive. Coordinate in-person membership promotional activities like tabling at NYRR Run Center Club Fair, Jock-A-Thon, Brooklyn Pride, Queens Pride. Donate your organizational and project management skills to serve on the committee or volunteer to staff a public outreach event.


Help organize Monday night swim practice as a punch-card gatekeeper or serve as an volunteer assistant coach. Organize and lead weekly bike rides. Draft and send the weekly Multisport email newsletter. Select and oversee the swim coach. Design and manage Club triathlon uniforms, organize a group multisport event (e.g., run to the beach with open-water clinic). Volunteer to be on the committee.


The committee consists of the president, secretary, and treasurer. Review, approve, and disburse scholarships in accordance with the guidelines.


Organize the annual Variety Hour. Coordinate monthly social activities and post-race social events. Serve on the committee, contribute ideas, or lend a hand at an event or the Variety Hour (or consider performing).

Track Committee

Organize the annual Indoor Track Meet at the Armory, coordinate team competition in track and field events, administer the Club’s Track and Field Facebook group page. Volunteer to help at a track meet, or serve on the organizing committee.


Meet Saturdays at 9:10 AM to walk with Front Walkers, respond to email inquiries on Front Walkers.


Coordinate bag drop, make announcements, start the Wednesday Fun Runs.


Administer the Women’s Team Facebook group, organize Wild Women Wednesdays, organize the holiday party and other social events. Compose and send the Women’s Team Updates email newsletter.

Awards Night

Annual banquet early each winter to celebrate accomplishments and recognize contributions from the previous year. Volunteer to help to organize or lend a hand during the evening.


Volunteer to serve as captain or co-captain at one of three water stations. Volunteer the day-of at Club-sponsored stations for: New York City Half Marathon (winter), Chase Corporate Challenge (spring), New York City Marathon (fall). Participation brings benefits to the Club (donations or access to marathon registrations) and serves the community.


Manage the officers and directors nominations and elections each year in accordance with the Bylaws. The committee consist of three members not currently serving in the present year, nor will accept a nomination for the next year in a board position. Receive nominations and communicate with nominated members, maintain a list of nominees available to members, communicate to members throughout the elections process, administer and tally voting.

Bagel Volunteer

Volunteer to help set up and run the post-run social breakfast after the weekly Saturday Fun Run. Organized by the board, and no experience necessary. See what is involved here.

Race Captains

Help to fulfill the Club’s primary purpose to support and encourage running — specifically participation in races. Identify and promote targeted races for the LGBT community or that fill buckets in the Inger-Jo Berger Participation Award, compile the weekly Race Report, organize cheer zones, track the scoring of the Club’s age-group achievement awards, identify nominees for the Club’s Awards Night Awards.