2018 Board of Directors

Dan Ferguson


Dan Ferguson is the president of Front Runners New York. He previously served as board director at large, race captain, long run coordinator, multisport coordinator, and history and archives committee member. He was race co-director of the Brooklyn Pride Run in 2014 and 2015. A multiple-time winner of the club's Achievement and Participation Awards, Dan was the 2015 Front Runner of the Year and previously won the Sue Foster Long Distance Runner of the Year and Multisport Athlete of the Year Awards. He is the two-time winner of the Polish Constitution Day 5-Mile Trail Race.

Board Photo - Jason Fluegge.jpg

Jason Fluegge


Jason has been a proud member of Front Runners New York since 2011. Before FRNY, the farthest he had run was 7 miles. Since joining he has finished 10 marathons and two triathlons, competed at Gay Games 9, won four participation awards, and met some of his closest friends. Prior to stepping up to the board as Treasurer, he served as Pride Run Race Director from 2013-2016 as well as a member of the Membership committee since 2012.


Brittany Bello


Brittany has been a member of FRNY for three years. She joined the club looking for a group of runners and coaching to help her get through her first NYC Marathon. She completed her first New York in 2015 and has since ran two more marathons.

To her, Front Runners is certainly more than just a running club and she is excited to continue to give back to the club by being the 2018 Secretary.


Karen Makhoul 

Women's Vice-President

I have been a member of FRNY since October 2015. In that time, I have been passionate about being involved, not only in racing, but in club activities and volunteer opportunities. I am honoured to accept this appointment to Director at Large for the remainder of 2017, and will serve my duties in the best interest of the club and its members

Curtis Knecht

Men's Vice–President

Curtis returned to running in 2013. Running the streets of New York City was less than desirable, but Central Park was a perfect location. Being introduced to Front Runners created an opportunity to expand and grow his passion for running. Never having run further than 2 miles, Curtis has now completed 11 half marathons and 6 full marathons. Curtis has received the participation award both years he was active in the club along with a President's Award. Curtis has been a race captain and a member of the Gay Games Committee. Curtis is excited and honored to be chosen to serve this club and all of it's members in 2018.

Faith running.jpg

Faith Tempest

Director At Large

Faith has been a member of Front Runners for more than 10 years and in that time has completed 5 marathons, many half marathons and innumerable other races wearing FRNY colours. She has handed out many cups of water at the FRNY water stations at both the NYC Half and full Marathons. A winner of the FRNY female track athlete of the year in 2015, Faith is now enjoying running at a more stately pace these days, but happy to continue representing the club.

Isaac Grivett

Director At Large

Isaac has been a member of Front Runners for a little over a year. He is always proud to represent this club and am excited to step up and serve on the board for the remainder of this year!