Q. I’m interested in checking out FRNY – do I have to become a member first?

A. No, you don’t need to be a member to come check out the club. New runners are welcome to attend any of our weekly fun runs before deciding to join.


Q. Are Front Runners from other cities welcome to join?

A. Yes, we are always excited to welcome Front Runners from other cities to our weekly fun runs . There is no need to become a member of FRNY to join us during your visit to NYC.


Q. Can I join FRNY even if I don’t identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT)?

A. Yes, absolutely. FRNY is open to all LGBT and LGBT-friendly athletes.


Q. What is the minimum age to join FRNY?

A. The minimum age to participate in FRNY activities is 18 years old.


Q. Am I fast enough to run with FRNY?

A. Yes, you are. There are no pace or experience requirements. Our club has a wide variety of runners and walkers at all ability levels. If you are new to FRNY, we recommend attending Saturday morning fun run where you’ll meet a wide diversity of athletes. If you have questions or concerns about joining an FRNY event, feel free to email us at membership@frny.org.


Q. Where does the name “Front Runners” come from?

A. Front Runners is named after Patricia Nell Warren’s 1974 novel, “The Front Runner”. The novel is a gay love story between a collegiate running coach and his star athlete.


Q. I'm a new runner, what does Front Runners New York (FRNY) offer?

A. FRNY runs a 10-week beginners running clinic every spring.  The goal of the clinic is to train all of the participants to run the Pride Run in late June. If you are interested in learning more about the beginners clinic when the next one begins, click here and provide us your email address.


Q. Do I need to be a member of New York Road Runners (NYRR) to join FRNY?

A. No, you do not need to join NYRR in order to become a member of FRNY. However, many FRNY members who race in NYRR-sponsored events on a regular basis choose to be members of both organizations.


Q. Can FRNY get me into the NYC marathon?

A. No, being an FRNY member does not grant you any special opportunities to run the NYC Marathon. FRNY members who run the NYC marathon must qualify through traditional means (lottery, 9+1, qualifying time, or charity).


Q. How do I get an FRNY singlet?

A. Speak to any FRNY board member at a Wednesday or Saturday fun run and they will help you purchase a singlet. We have men's and women's sizes, and all singlets are $25. Payment can be in the form of cash, Venmo, or check made out to FRNY.


Q. How do I access the membership directory?

A. Email membership@frny.org for access to the current membership directory.  The membership directory is only available to current members.


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