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17th Annual Front Runners Indoor Track Meet

Last year, FRNY hosted over 250 athletes of all ages and abilities—from high schoolers to masters athletes. We welcome all runners and strongly encourage you to participate.

When: Saturday, March 26th @ 5pm

Where: New Balance Track and Field Center at The Armory located at 168 St. and Fort Washington Avenue in Upper Manhattan.

Registration to the 17th Annual Front Runners New York Indoor Track Meet is now OPEN!!!!

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Congratulations Award Winners

Club Points Age Group Award

WOMEN / MEN 18 - 24  Nawal Traish/Myles Lock

WOMEN / MEN 25-29 Ashley Ortiz/Luke Carron

WOMEN / MEN 30-34 Sam Sanders/Daniel Ferguson

WOMEN / MEN 35-39 Anne Duquette/Gabriel Benroth and Breandan Ward

WOMEN / MEN 40-44 Ruth Loos/Manny Romero

WOMEN / MEN 45-49 Yoshi Yabu/Gen Watanabe

WOMEN / MEN 50-54 Tara Amato/Richard White

WOMEN / MEN 55-59 Berni Janelle/Richard Ervais

WOMEN / MEN 60-64 Ruth Gurskey/Alan Brown

MEN 65-69 Paul Racine

WOMEN / MEN 70 plus Inger-Jo Berger/Sam LaFata

Inger-Jo Berger  Participation Award

Jennifer Bougher, Alan Brown, Connor Essick, Daniel Ferguson, Jason Fluegge, Giordano Fusco, Gilbert Gaona , Tim Guscott, Curtis Knecht, David Lin, Miki Mariotti, Michael Markowitz, Jerome McDonnell, Dennis Ng, Manny Romero, Christopher Strouse, Gen Watanabe, David White
A.R.E.A. Award Lenore Beaky

Newcomer - Women Yoshi Yabu Newcomer - Men Patrick Hart

Improved - Women Ashley Marie Ortiz Improved - Male Jesus Martinez

Track - Women Faith Tempest Track - Men Gilbert Gaona

Multisport - Women Yoshi Yabu Multisport - Men Gen Watanabe

Middle Distance - Women Sandra Schmidt Middle Distance - Men Colin Ogilvie

SF Long - Women Ruth Loos SF Long - Men Richard White

Ultra Runner - WomenBerni Janelle Ultra Runner - Men Connor Essick

Presidential Awards Brenton Bellomy, Javie Gomez, Lucilla Rastelli, Michael McMahon, Michelle Mazzara

Inspiration Award Wendy Lai Inspiration Award Dave Lin

Guy Zelenak Tara Amato

Front Runner of the Year Dan Ferguson

Revisit Awards Night.  Watch two spectacular videos created by Katrina Amaro  - a 36-year Retrospective and a video of the Introductions to our Awards Night from 2009 to 2014 - and the terrific slide show put together by Elke Gasselseder for this past Saturday's evening event.  Enjoy!