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Thank you for your interest in an FRNY Scholarship. The FRNY Board wants all members to be able to participate in running events, regardless of financial ability. Events that are eligible for club scholarships include the Front Runners New York Pride Run, the Reach the Beach Relay, FRNY Out of Town Races, training expenses (including Armory track workouts, memberships and swim cards,) and all NYRR Club Points Races. Certain other club-supported races may also be eligible for scholarships; please email the Scholarship Committee for more information.

2017 Scholarship Guidelines

FRNY wants all members to participate in club-supported activities regardless of financial ability. We are pleased to announce the club's guidelines for the awarding of scholarships in 2017. FRNY scholarships are available to anyone who has been a member for at least 3 months and can provide a statement of need and interest.

Members can apply for four categories of scholarships, with a total annual limit of $400 per member across all categories:

  1. NYRR Club Points Races (includes the NYC Marathon): the club will pay up to 50% of the early bird NYRR member registration fee, for a total of up to $200 per member in this category. The member can apply either for this entire category of races or for a particular race.
  2. Relays: the club will pay up to 50% of the registration fee of any relay that counts for the relay bucket of the FRNY Participation Award, or up to $150 total for Reach the Beach or the Ragnar Relay. Max per year for this
    category is $150 per member.
  3. Other Eligible Races: This category includes any race that does not fall into Categories 1 and 2 above, as long as it is a race that is eligible for the FRNY Participation Award (for example, a marathon, multisport event, the FRNY Track Meet, or a local running club's race). The club will pay up to 50% of the early-bird entry fee (or equivalent), and may, at the Committee's discretion, include a portion of expenses in addition to registration fees. The annual maximum for other races is $100.
  4. Training: The club will pay up to 50% of the cost of any fees for training or necessary memberships, such as the Armory pay-as-you-go fee, swim cards, USMS Membership, etc. up to $200
  5. It is suggested that members apply for scholarship funds before registering for a race, although this is not necessary. It is however required that members apply for funds for a race before the race has occurred. If approved, the member has until two weeks following the date of the race to submit the receipt.

Decisions will be made within seven days of submission. If approved, the member must register and pay for the full fee, and FRNY will send payment for the approved amount within seven days of receiving proof of payment or registration. If you have questions about a particular scholarship, please email the Scholarship Committee.

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