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Members of Front Runners New York (FRNY) pay annual dues to support the club’s coached trainings and other programs. If you are new to FRNY or visiting FRNY as a member of another Front Runners club, there is no need to become a member to attend a fun run. However, you must become a member if you wish to attend: Fun runs on a regular basis,Coached running, swimming, and multisport workouts, Organized long runs, Club social events.

Additionally, by becoming a member you’ll have the opportunity to receive FRNY’s weekly club newsletter, the Front Runner Gram, along with other club communications. The Gram is a go-to source for all the training, races, and other events put on by Front Runners New York.

FRNY membership dues are tax-deductible, except where noted. All memberships are based on a calendar year and expire annually on Dec. 31st. Dues for Basic and Subsidized memberships are prorated based on the month you join.

A Basic or Subsidized membership will grant you access to all of FRNY’s programs. However, we encourage you to consider joining at a premium level to further support FRNY’s programming:



$30 per year

Access to all FRNY programs. Dues may be less than $30 depending on the month you join.

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Gold Sneaker

$100 per year

Benefits of Silver plus a free FRNY singlet. ($75 is tax deductible)

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Diamond Member

$500 Per year

Benefits of Platinum plus free breakfast after every Saturday fun run ($475 is tax deductible)

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Silver Sneaker

$50 per year

Benefits of Basic, plus recognition in certain FRNY printed materials

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Platinum Member

$250 per year

 Benefits of Gold plus guaranteed entry into the Pride Run* ($225 is tax deductible)

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$20 Per Year

(for those with income constraints): Access to all FRNY programs. Dues may be less than $20 depending on the month you join.

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*Pride Entry benefit is guaranteed and non-complimentary. However, all availability is subject to timing head of the race due to NYRR deadlines.


Why become a member?

Membership benefits

Members can participate in all of FRNY’s fun runs, coached workouts, organized long runs, and social events. All coached workouts, with the exception of swimming workouts, are free to FRNY members. Coached swim workouts are $10 per swim to help cover the cost of the pool.

Additionally, FRNY members gain access to club communications, including our weekly newsletter, the Front Runner Gram, and may also opt into other interest-specific emails.

FRNY membership also grants you access to special members-only discounts at a number of running stores and retailers, including: Urban Athletics, The Running Company, Running Warehouse, TYR, Revolution in Motion, Toga Bicycle Shop, and Mile High Run Club.


Weekly Events for Members






2019 Beginners Clinic

New to running? Want to learn? Come join us!

Learn proper running form | Build endurance | Stretching and cross-training for runners | Optimize your running nutrition | Get faster, feel better | Learn to avoid common running injuries | Train for and run the FRNY 2019 LGBT Pride Run® on June 29

When: Saturday mornings at 9:30 – 11am, April 20 – June 29, 2019

Where: Meet in the basement of Rutgers Church then on to Central Park (Secure bag drop)

Cost: $55 enrollment fee, includes a free year long membership to FRNY and a FRNY racing singlet.

Questions? Email