Join us for one of our Fun Runs! 


The Tuesday evening Fun Runs are held at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The group meets at the 3rd Street and Prospect Park West entrance in front of the Panther statues.


Wednesday night Fun Runs are at 7pm in Central Park at the entrance of the park at west 72nd Street. Many runners gather informally for dinner after the run at local restaurants near Rutgers Church.


The Saturday Fun Runs meet at 10am right by the Daniel Webster Statue on the west side of 72nd street transverse in Central Park. The Saturday fun run is followed by a lite, social coffee-and-bagel breakfast in the basement of Rutgers Church (236 West 73rd St.).


Become a member! 

Members of Front Runners New York (FRNY) pay annual dues to support the club’s coached trainings and other programs. If you are new to FRNY or visiting FRNY as a member of another Front Runners club, there is no need to become a member to attend a fun run. However, you must become a member if you wish to attend: Fun runs on a regular basis,Coached running, swimming, and multisport workouts, Organized long runs, Club social events.

Additionally, by becoming a member you’ll have the opportunity to receive FRNY’s weekly club newsletter, the Front Runner Gram, along with other club communications. The Gram is a go-to source for all the training, races, and other events put on by Front Runners New York.

FRNY membership dues are tax-deductible, except where noted. All memberships are based on a calendar year and expire annually on Dec. 31st. Dues for Basic and Subsidized memberships are prorated based on the month you join.

A Basic or Subsidized membership will grant you access to all of FRNY’s programs. However, we encourage you to consider joining at a premium level to further support FRNY’s programming: