Front Runners New York (FRNY) provides access to coached swim and running workouts, organized long runs and bike rides, scholarships, occasional post-race brunches, and other social events. All coached workouts, with the exception of swimming workouts, are free to FRNY members. Coached swim workouts are $10 per swim which helps cover the cost of the pool.

If you are new to FRNY or visiting as a member of another Front Runners club, there is no need to become a member to attend our weekly Fun Runs.

Additionally, by becoming a member you’ll receive FRNY’s weekly club newsletter, the Front Runner Gram, along with other club communications. The Gram is a go-to source for all the training, races, and other events organized by FRNY.

FRNY membership dues are tax-deductible, except where noted. All memberships are based on a calendar year and expire annually on Dec. 31st. Dues for Basic and Subsidized memberships are prorated based on the month you join. A Basic or Subsidized membership will grant you access to all of FRNY’s programs. However, we encourage you to consider joining at a premium level to further support FRNY’s programming.



$30 per year

Access to all FRNY programs. Dues may be less than $30 depending on the month you join.

Silver Sneaker

$50 per year

Benefits of Basic, plus recognition in certain FRNY printed materials

Gold Sneaker

$100 per year

Benefits of Silver plus a free FRNY singlet. ($75 is tax deductible)

Platinum Member

$250 per year

Benefits of Gold plus guaranteed entry into the Pride Run* ($225 is tax deductible)

Diamond Member

$500 Per year

Benefits of Platinum plus free breakfast after every Saturday fun run ($475 is tax deductible)


$20 Per Year

(for those with income constraints): Access to all FRNY programs. Dues may be less than $20 depending on the month you join.

*Pride Entry benefit is guaranteed and non-complementary for the calendar year in which you join/renew at the Platinum member. Availability is subject to timing ahead of the race due to NYRR deadlines.