Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

Front Runners New York's (FRNY) branding tells a story of our history. FRNY's graphic identity system – symbols, logotype, colors, writing tone, etc. – are all important factors in telling this story. 

A cohesive and uniform visual identity offers a more efficient and effective way for the FRNY to communicate with key audiences. The system also provides us with a good, highly readable, and recognizable way of representing the FRNY in which we all can take pride.

This graphic identity system is the product of decades of history and design. No one should doubt our commitment to these new standards. We ask for everyone's assistance in making sure everyone follows them. 

We have spent decades promoting LGBTQ Rights, inclusivity, and good sportsmanship. This brand will help protect this work and further our mission. On behalf of FRNY we thank you. 


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