1500M Track & Field from the 2014 Gay Games in Cleveland.

1500M Track & Field from the 2014 Gay Games in Cleveland.

2018 International Gay Games

Paris, France
August 4 to 12, 2018

Front Runners New York wants to encourage and organize as many members as possible to attend and compete in GG10 in Paris, France. Though it may not be as easy to get to as GG9 in Cleveland, Ohio, with advance planning, we can help a large contingent compete in the games. 

2018 Gay Games Organizing Committee: 
Katrina Amaro, Jason Fluegge, Gilbert Gaona, Curtis Knecht, Richard Tesler
Contact: GayGames@frny.org

The Gay Games committee has put together the following resources for members to start planning costs, reserving hotel stays, booking travel, and sharing the events they are competing in. These are all living documents and will be updated as we have new information. We’ll be further following up with a participation sign-up, fundraising ideas, and scholarship opportunities as they become ready. See each of the comments below for links and details.

Resources for FRNY Members:
2018 GAY GAMES COST SCHEDULE AND ESTIMATES - document with a large chunk of information on expected costs, suggested hotels, and travel suggestions.

2018 GAY GAMES TRAVEL PLANNING -  spreadsheet for members to start listing which hotel we are staying in, list available spots in rooms, and note dates of travel. This will also serve as a reference for when we work to organize team dinners and any other activities that require a meeting point.

2018 GAY GAMES PARTICIPATION -  spreadsheet for members to list the events they are participating in and attending.

Join the conversation on Facebook! - To make things easier for members to coordinate and discuss options and plan the trip, we have created a Facebook group to help facilitate. This group is for registered participants to organize around the event.

Personal Fundraising Information - We want you to join us! We also understand that finances may be an obstacle. Crowdfunding can help with some of your expenses. Follow this link for more information.

Planning Map  - The map below has locations for many of the event and competition spaces as well as the hotels that FRNY is targeting for the games. 

FRNY - 2018 Gay Games Event and Hotel Map