Boston Marathon Roll Call: Bobby Durany

Bobby went sub-3 in his first BQ, at the Manchester Marathon last April

Bobby went sub-3 in his first BQ, at the Manchester Marathon last April

What does running your first Boston mean to you?
It's incredibly exciting!  The entire journey to Boston has been a whirlwind  and I can only imagine race day will be the ultimate culmination of a day that I will never forget. I'm grateful to be doing this with the support of the FRNY fellow runners, friends, and family.  

What race did you achieve your BQ time at? How many attempts did you make before you achieved your BQ?
The Manchester Marathon in the UK, April 2017.  This was my 4th marathon and 4th BQ attempt.  So for me, 4th time's the charm. And yes, I did 'ugly' cry at the finish line from pure joy. 

Is your preparation for Boston different than the race your BQ race? Overall how would you rate your training? Was there a single workout or tuneup race where you thought, “Bring on Boston!” or conversely, “Oh my god I’m not ready for this!”
I have trained harder for Boston than any of my previous marathons and I feel confident with my training.   A huge shout out to all my FRNY teammates who have participated in long runs and speed workout with me to prepare. During a tough workout when I try to push a little harder, I say to myself "It's fucking Boston, baby!'

Did you do any specific workouts to prepare you for downhill start or the Newton hills in the second half?
Hopefully those Central Park hill workouts and NYC bridges will pay off.  But, during the Boston Blue Line run a few weeks ago, those hills on the course felt ginormous.  Eek. So please cheer extra loud during those spots! 

Love it or hate it: Are you buying the jacket?
Well, yes. I bought the jacket in January and have been wearing it on cold runs since then.  And let me tell you, the move to wear the jacket pre-race has garnered a lot of attention from fellow runners.  Sorry, I didn't know this could curse the entire weather forecast for the race!  This is my first time! 

What are you looking forward to the most about the race?
The pure adrenaline of running a marathon, the energy of the crowds, seeing FRNY cheer station, and that indescribable post-race beer. 

What are you dreading the most about the race?
I've heard about this hill towards then end of the race -- Heartbreak Hill, I think it's called?  That sounds kinda scary.. 

Is this going to be a PR attempt?
Umm yes, duh! 

Boston is a notoriously tricky course due to the placement of the hills. Not having run the full course, do you plan on banking time on the downhills in the first half knowing that you’ll slow on the hills? Or do you bank energy in the first half to try and attack the hills?
I've never had any success in previous marathons when I tried to bank time at the beginning.  So, my plan remains the same -- start out easy and attack those hills at the end with a vengeance.  

Hypothetically, you struggle up the Newton hills and know the FRNY cheer section is going to be at the base of the toughest one: Heartbreak Hill. Do you avoid them in shame and jump on the sidewalk to disguise yourself as a power-walking spectator, or do you make a bee-line straight toward them to throw high-fives and feed off their energy to get you up the hill?
High-fives, energy, power boost  -- all the way!!


What are your strengths and weaknesses as a runner, and how do you think that will factor into the Boston course?
My weakness would be that I can get in my own head during a race and get easily frustrated if things don't go exactly as planned.
My strength for this race will be to rely on my training and assure myself that I've done all I can do at the start line to prepare.  

I double dare you: predict your time!
I may already be cursed by buying and wearing the jacket prior to the race... so I'm going to not push my luck and make any predictions here.  

What’s the first beer you’ll have after the race?
The Sam Adams 26.2 beer --I'd say.  I'm going to go with that. 

I apologize for ripping this off from the NBR blog, but in your head what celebrity do you think you resemble most when you’re running? 
I could only hope that it'd be Lady Gaga because I listen to her most during training runs and I have a tendency to sing out loud for a boost of energy. 

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