Boston Marathon Roll Call: Dave Calfee

This is actually from NYC 2017 but it's too good not to post. Photo by  John Tran .

This is actually from NYC 2017 but it's too good not to post. Photo by John Tran.

How many times have you run Boston?

What was your first year running Boston?

What was your first experience like? PR? PW? Did you BQ at Boston or did it humble you and inspire you to seek out revenge?
PW.  It was humbling but there are things under my control that I can change for this year.  I am going back for redemption!

Why do you keep coming back? Is there something special about the race that keeps you coming for more, or are you just a serial marathoner?
I’m back this year because I don’t want my only Boston experience to be a PW.  That said, I’d do it again anyway because it is a great experience. 

Is your preparation for the 2018 race different than previous Boston Marathons? Overall how would you rate your training? Was there a single workout or tuneup race where you thought, “Bring on Boston!” or conversely, “Oh my god I’m not ready for this!”
My training this year is different.  I was coming off of an injury last year so I was mostly focused on increasing my mileage.  This year, I’ve done a lot more speed and hill training.  I was encouraged after the Boston Blue Line Run 2 weeks ago.  (I kept up with Jerry McDonnell!)


What are you looking forward to the most about the race?
The crowds are amazing!

What are you dreading the most about the race?
The I95 overpass: no crowd support, long incline.

Is this going to be a PR attempt?
Realistically, no.

What’s your strategy for April 16?
Stick to the plan!  (Lesson learned last year.) 

I double dare you: predict your time!
Not even if you triple dog dared me.

What words of advice do you have for first-time Boston runners?
Don’t get caught up in the crowd of people who are starting too fast.

In a week you will cross the finish line and think, “NEVER AGAIN!” Be honest — will you run this race again?

Which course is harder and why: New York or Boston?
Boston, especially if the weather is warm. The hills come fairly late in the course. 

What’s the first beer you’ll have after the race? 

I apologize for ripping this off from the NBR blog, but in your head what celebrity do you think you resemble most when you’re running?  
David Hyde Pierce?

Dave running the final miles of the 2017 marathon

Dave running the final miles of the 2017 marathon

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