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Club Points Racing

The FRNY Board has  implemented a new system to recognize those Front Runners who have demonstrated the highest levels of commitment to the team and to racing.

Under the new system, there are two awards available:

FRNY Team Participation Award

The Participation Award standings rely on self-reporting. Please use the FRNY Race Reporting Form to report your racing accomplishments to the race captains. The FRNY Participation Award Races  page lists the races that count toward the various buckets.

There are seven buckets. Each runner must complete all seven buckets (14 races total) by December 31, 2015. A race can only count once. Members are responsible for reporting to the race captains their completion of any bucket.

  1. NYRR Points Races: Must run six (6) NYRR points races (these are announced by NYRR early in the year after the Club Council votes on the points races).
  2. Relays: Any one (1) FRNY-supported relay, on a team consisting of at least 50% Front Runners. Eligible relays are VCTC 2×2, Cherry Tree Relay, Reach the Beach, the NYC Ekiden Relay, the Taconic Road Runners Relay and the NYRR 10x5x200 or any relay consisiting for a minimum of 1 Kilometer per leg. FRNY will publish information, on our website and in the weekly FR Gram, regarding upcoming relays.
  3. FRNY races: Must complete 2 of the 4 from the following: FRNY Track Meet, Brooklyn Pride Run, FRNY Pride Run, FRNY XC Meet. The dates of these events will be published as far in advance as possible..
  4. Long-course running: Must complete one (1) marathon or greater distance race, or half-Ironman triathlon. Alternatively, must complete three races of half-marathon or greater distance (25k, 30k for example), and/or International/Olympic triathlons or duathlons.
  5. NYC Club-sponsored race: Must complete three (3) non-FRNY sponsored races organized by NYRR-recognized local running clubs. FRNY will publish information regarding upcoming races on our calendar and in the weekly FR Gram, and examples of qualifying races are indicated on the FRNY Racing Sign-In Sheet. Qualifying local clubs appear under the tab "Eligible Local Clubs".
  6. Non-traditional/specialized running: Non-traditional/specialized running. Must complete one (1) non-traditional/specialized running race. Includes trail/cross country race, adventure race, ultra, track, or multisport (running + swimming and/or biking).
  7. Volunteering: Must volunteer twice (2) during the year for FRNY. Eligible opportunities include Saturday morning bageling, the Pride Run, the 24-mile water station, pasta dinner or pancake breakfast, the FRNY cross country meet, the FRNY track meet, long run home sponsor, FRNY event home sponsor, cheer zone captain,and other opportunities that will be announced throughout the year.

2015 FRNY Participation Award Standings

Athletic Achievement Award

The eligible races for this award are limited to the ones designated by NYRR's Club Council as Club Points races.  All members will be scored in new, five-year age groups (24 and under, 25-29, 30-34, etc., up to 70+). Age groups are based on a member's age in their first eligible race of the year. All races, with the exception of the NYRR Club Championships, will be scored as follows:

1st place: 15 points
2nd place: 12 points
3rd place: 10 points
4th place: 8 points
5th place: 6 points
6th place: 5 points
7th place: 4 points
8th place: 3 points
9th place: 2 points
10th place or lower: 1 point
Did not run: 0 points

The Club Championships will count for Double Points (30, 24, 20...).  At the end of the year, runners will drop their two lowest scores, including zero-scores for not running a race.  Thus, if a member runs 9 out of 10 points races for the year, the member's top 8 races will count.

2015 FRNY Achievement Award Standings

FRNY Awards Night: Award Categories and Descriptions (as of November 2012)

We look forward to a wonderful and exciting year of racing ahead!