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Fun Runs

Front Runner events may be altered due to holidays or racing events, so please check the calendar before heading out. Front Runners New York offers members, newcomers, and guests three weekly fun runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. The Tuesday evening fun run is held at Prospect Park in Brooklyn whereas the Wednesday evening and Saturday morning fun runs are held at Central Park in Manhattan. The Saturday Fun Run meets right by the Daniel Webster Statue on the west side of 72nd street transverse in Central Park.

For the runners unfamiliar with Central Park or Prospect Park, the following maps will help guide you through the park. At the beginning of every fun run, a short round of introductions are made and the leader makes sure newcomers/visitors know the park and have a buddy who will run their pace and distance. Runners of every pace and experience level are encouraged to come to all our fun runs.