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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a new runner, what does Front Runners New York (FRNY) offer?
FRNY has a beginner runner series in the Spring/Summer with coached Saturday morning runs to help you train for the Pride run among other summer races that FRNY participates in. To help out our newer runners there are also coached training sessions throughout the year for distances from 4 miles up to the half marathon and marathon with tons of support along the way! Check out the schedule here: (include link here) or email our coach directly at:
Am I fast enough to run with FRNY?
Yes! We have runners and walkers of all paces. The best time to come is Saturday mornings when the largest number of Front Runners gathers to run or walk in Central Park.
What are the requirements for joining?

 Just fill out our membership form and pay the annual dues, which start at $30 ($21 hardship rate) and are prorated periodically through the year. There is no requirement regarding pace, attendance, or racing, and we welcome everyone over the age of 18 to join. If you're not sure, just come run with us before you decide.
What is the format of your Saturday morning fun runs? Should I present myself to anyone in particular? Will it be obvious where Front Runners are?

Come to Rutgers Church on Saturday around 9:30 or 9:45 AM. We leave our bags at the church, in the basement recreation room. We will jog together to the park at about 9:55 and meet near the Daniel Webster statue at the 72nd Street transverse. You can meet us at Rutgers or in the park. After we run in the park (anywhere from 1.7 to 6 miles, and people go all different paces), we reconvene at the church for breakfast, which will be free for your first visit! There will always be several board members and other club leaders there, and FRNY is a very friendly group, so ask any person who's at Rutgers that morning if you need any guidance.
What is the format of the Wednesday night fun runs?
We meet at Rutgers Church to drop our bags and change at 6:30 or 6:45 PM, then run to the park together at about 6:55. We gather in the park at the 72nd Street entrance at Central Park West by the water fountain. You can meet us at Rutgers or in the park. After we run (people go all different paces and different distances), we meet back up at the church to get dressed, get our bags and head out to dinner or some people just go home--no pressure!
What is the format of the Tuesday night fun run in Brooklyn?

 Arrive at the Prospect Park West and 3rd Street entrance to Prospect Park at around 7:00 PM. At 7:15 PM, we begin the 3.3-mile run of the perimeter loop of the park. There are runners in the group at all paces. We reconvene after the run and some members of the group go out to dinner in Park Slope. JackRabbit at 151 7th Avenue in Brooklyn provides a bag drop to anyone who needs it.
Do you run even even in the snow/rain/dark/heat/humidity?
There may be a smaller group if the weather is just horrendous--anywhere between 75 and 150 runners usually show up on Saturdays. There's always someone crazy dedicated enough to run in any weather.
NYRR asks me for my member number when I register for races. What is my FRNY member number?

New York Road Runners (NYRR) is a local organization that puts on races in which individuals and local clubs, such as FRNY, compete. Joining FRNY is not the same as joining NYRR. NYRR offers a discount to its members on all races, so if you race more than three or four times a year, it is worth it to join NYRR as well as FRNY. FRNY does not issue membership numbers. You may compete as a Front Runner simply by choosing FRNY from the drop-down menu on the NYRR race application page.
Can FRNY get me into the NYC marathon?

Front Runners New York is a local running club affiliated with NYRR. We are a large club with workouts, fun runs, and social events happening almost every day of the week. We do not, however, have any special strings to pull to get you into the NYC marathon. Each year about 100 of our members run it, but they qualify to do so through the NYRR's rules, which include running nine NYRR qualifying races and volunteering for one in the previous calendar year, or by time-qualifying. People can also qualify to run the NYC marathon by raising money for charity. More information is all on the NYC Marathon's web site.
How do I get an FRNY singlet?

 Ask any board member at a Wednesday or Saturday fun run and they will help you purchase a singlet. We have men's and women's sizes, and all singlets are $25. Bring cash or check made out to FRNY. We also have men's and women's shorts, unisex technical t-shirts, unisex long-sleeve technical shirts, and men's and women's triathlon tops.
How do I access the membership directory?

The directory is accessible via the website at the top most menu bar. Members will receive login information shortly after they join.
What is the correct spelling-- Front Runners or FrontRunners or Frontrunners?
It is "Front Runners New York" -- four separate words. There are hundreds of Front Runner clubs around the world and all these clubs started from the same club in San Francisco: Lavender U. jogging club, named after a lesbian and gay free newspaper that circulated in the 1970s. When the Lavender U. paper dissolved, the jogging club continued, choosing the name "Front Runners" from the title of Patricia Nell Warren's novel, The Front Runner. The New York chapter of Front Runners was the second one, coming into existence around 1979.

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Terms for New Members

Armory - From mid-November to mid-April, our coached training sessions are held at the New Balance Armory on 168th St (take the A/C or 1 to 168th St). For more information, email

Awards Night - An evening at the beginning of the new year celebrating Front Runners New York’s achievements and the individuals that go the extra mile.

Bageling - Every Saturday morning after our fun run, FRNY meets at Rutgers Church for breakfast, socializing, and announcements. Each week, two of our members volunteer to help set up and clean up. Email if you want to volunteer.

Blue Line Run - Two to three weeks before the NYC Marathon every year, FRNY organizes a training run that follows the last 20 miles of the marathon course. We provide stations along the way with water, Gatorade, energy gels, and fruit. It’s a great way to get acquainted with the marathon course.

Cross Country Meet - Every year in the fall, FRNY hosts a cross country 5k in Van Cortlandt Park. Click here for more information.

Coaching Fund - The FRNY coaching fund is used to support our coached programs by helping to cover the costs of pool rentals, track equipment, fees for our hard-working head swim and running coaches, and more.  Your support is very much appreciated, and you can donate to the fund anytime by clicking here.

Directory - All members who have not chosen to opt out are listed in our membership directory, making it easier to get to know and stay in touch with each other.

Front Runner Fridays - Once a month (usually the first Friday), we all get together at a laid back social gathering whether it be at a bar or bowling or whatever the social committee plans out for a non-running social. Check the calendar or the Gram for upcoming dates.

Front Runner Gram - This weekly update email is available for all dues-paying members. It contains announcements, upcoming events, and a race report of our members’ accomplishments

Fun Run - Our fun runs are a chance to run together in the park and then share a meal together afterward. People meet in Prospect Park in Brooklyn on Tuesday nights and in Central Park for Wednesday night and Saturday morning fun runs. Click here for more information.

Gram - see Front Runner Gram

LGBT Pride Run- Every year in June, on the Saturday before the Pride Parade, we organize a five-mile run in Central Park with over 5,000 runners. Click here for more information.

Multi-Sport - For those who are also interested in swimming and/or biking, we offer multi-sport programs. Click here for more information.

Points Race - FRNY is associated with New York Road Runners (NYRR) as a local running club. Part of what that means is competing with other local running clubs around the NY metropolitan area at various races organized by NYRR, known as points races. There are 11 such points races per year that range in distance from a mile to a marathon! At the points races, club participation matters as much as performance, and FRNY encourages as many members as possible to run in the points races, regardless of their expected times.

Pride Run - see LGBT Pride Run

Race Captains - Our race captains are a dedicated group of people who record and track the results and participation of our members in running and multisport races around the city and even around the world. To submit a report of a race you did to our race captains, click here.

Race Report - We’re proud of all of our members who run races and we want to congratulate them -- and they can win awards at our annual awards night. Click here to submit a race report.

Rutgers Church - For our Wednesday and Saturday fun runs, we meet in the basement recreation room of Rutgers Church (236 West 73rd Street) to change and drop our bags. On Saturday mornings, we gather afterward for breakfast ($5; free for new members) and announcements. See Fun Runs above for more details.

Singlet - This is the FRNY jersey. During races, it helps spectators to spot members to cheer them on. They are available for purchase at Wednesday and Saturday fun runs for $25; just look for a board member.

Taper - Most marathon runners begin to reduce the intensity and volume of their training in the weeks leading up to the race. This is known as the taper period, and its purpose is to allow your body to recover after months of hard training while still keeping your body in shape. It is also the time where you accustom your muscles to running at marathon pace.

Track Meet - Every year in the spring, we host an indoor track meet at the New Balance Armory for our members. Click here for more information.

Variety Show - An evening which usually takes place in the spring that showcase the varying talents of our members. The event raises money for our Coaching Fund and those who participate can win some great prizes like free Saturday Fun Run Breakfast for a year! Start rehearsing!